Boosting resilience in your marriage

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For all of us there are moments in life when we experience feelings of anger, fear, and helplessness and the key is not to remain psychologically conditioned by them. This seminar offers practical strategies to free ourselves from the prolonged and unhealthy impact of these emotions. It is not intended to replace professional help whenever these emotions impair normal functioning. Rather, it teaches cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual approaches that promote emotional health. Special emphasis on how to become joy experts.
Key skills
Participants will learn about:
  • Anger management skills
  • Anxiety reduction skills
  • Depression antidotes
  • Becoming joy experts
Seminar details
John Yzaguirre, Ph.D. or Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, MFT, M.Div. offers this seminar to people who want to prevent unnecessary emotional pain and promote overall emotional wellbeing. It lasts typically 2 hours but its length and content can be adapted to your church or retreat schedule. Participants have the opportunity to share and ask questions to the presenters. For further information, please contact: Dr. John Yzaguirre also offers this seminar in Spanish.
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Personal consultation

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