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Most couples who attend premarital programs receive much needed general information on basic skills but often do not get specific training tailored to their unique needs. Dr. John & Claire Yzaguirre have developed a premarital program in which each couple meets with either Dr. John or Claire in five one-hour sessions to examine their level of functioning in key psychological skills necessary for a healthy marriage. Their answers to the following questionnaires designed by these authors provide a unique profile that leads to a skill-building program that meets their specific needs.


Couple's questionnaires:

  • Premarital Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Empathy Skills Questionnaire
  • Stress Management Questionnaire
  • The House of Self
  • Toxic Thinking Inventory
  • Communication Skills Questionnaire
  • Conflict Resolution Skills Questionnaire
  • Forgiveness Skills Questionnaire
  • Overview of Relational Strengths and Growth Areas


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