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    Expert help for your marriage

    If you are struggling in your marriage or want to make it better, please contact us. We have specialized in couples' therapy for over 30 years and are committed to promoting unity in marriages and families.

  • Forgiveness

    Second edition of Thriving Marriages

    The new edition has a completely new chapter on how to deal with conflict effectively, integrating differences and promoting unity. There is a new section on "interpersonal coaching" that shows how to ask for what we need that makes complaining, criticizing and venting completely unnecessary. To obtain a copy, please visit our store.

  • premarital

    Communication Skills CD

    Learn to share without venting, complaining or criticizing. Learn to communicate your needs using the invitational, positive and realistic language of assertiveness which teaches others how you want to be treated. To obtain a copy of this CD, please visit our store page.


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The Power to Forgive and Reconcile

Excerpt from the book Thriving Marriages by John and Claire Yzaguirre, Ph.D., MFT.


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